Entrepreneurial Happiness

Charlie Reading has combined his own experience as a business owner with his research from business books, workshops and courses led by other successful entrepreneurs to create the system he calls 'entrepreneurial happiness'.

This book provides a culmination of business ideas for all leading entrepreneurs to make their business more profitable and achieve a healthy work life balance. The system to create entrepreneurial happiness is there in front of you and you cannot afford to wait. The secrets of the 21st century entrepreneur are greater than you can imagine, and just a read away.

The Life Legacy Gift

Life only has context and meaning because of death. But the Life Legacy Gift isn’t just about your demise; it it’s actually about making the most of life, both now and for generations to come.

The ultimate eventuality of death is something all of us must face, yet few of us feel equipped to talk about. There are many considerations to make, ranging from the practicalities and administration following someone’s passing, through to leaving a legacy, both in a financial and in a more emotional sense. But where should you start?

The Dream Retirement

Retirement can be a hugely painful and emotional transition.

You’ve spent your entire life earning money, and now you must turn off the tap and live off only what you have accumulated. Will it be enough? Will you be able to live the life of your dreams, or are you at risk of running out of money? Can you afford to accomplish your bucket list?

On the other hand, can you really afford not to?

Smart Money Book

If you are looking to start saving for your future and want to make sure that you can retire early enough to enjoy amazing experiences with your friends and family rather than listening to their stories of freedom while you are still at work, this book is for you.

Growing and protecting your estate for the benefit of your loved ones is a key aim of the majority of our clients. Working together, we help to formulate strategies that will provide your family with financial security and freedom for the rest of their lives. But are you confident that they will do the same for the generations to come? Or even worse, will they squander the money because they don’t know how to look after it?

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