Being your own boss, or reaching the level of partner in your business, is the definition of success for many, but how is that responsibility working out for you?

Are you desperately trying to grow the business but feel that you’ve hit the glass ceiling? Are you working far too many hours and experiencing burn out? Or have you fallen so out of love with your work that you face each day with dread?

Sadly, so many of the people we meet have hit the wall in terms of their progression, and their passion and drive has been completely decimated by overworking and lack of direction. That’s why we created the Entrepreneur’s Edge Intensive to help reenergise, refocus and redefine business owners and partners in practice.

Over 3 content-packed days, the Entrepreneur’s Edge Intensive aims to find the sweet spot of professional happiness. We’ll show you how to make great money, only work the hours you want to, and help you to love what you do when you work.

The immersive event will deep-dive into our Better Future Framework and provide you with an abundance of tools and proven processes that promise to revolutionise your business. Not only that, but we will give you the opportunity to focus on your own ideas and meet with likeminded business owners and partners in practice .


Learning is the cornerstone of growth and development, so this 3-day course is jam-packed with tried and tested knowledge and teachings gleaned from hundreds of the world’s best authors, coaches and titans of industry.

All 3 days will be taught by Charlie Reading, who is the successful owner of multiple businesses. Over the last 16 years, Charlie has attended countless courses and coaching sessions across the world. This event showcases the game-changing ideas, processes and strategies that transformed all of his companies and led to a rollercoaster of success and achievement.

But learning alone is only the start of your transformation; you need to action everything you take on board.


Having a solid 3 uninterrupted days out of your business will help you to take huge strides forward. By taking on board our teachings and then having the time to reflect and adapt the ideas for your own business, will be massively impactful and powerful.

The Entrepreneur’s Edge Intensive is so much more rewarding and valuable than just watching a webinar or reading a book. We’ll provide the ultimate learning experience that will open your mind to countless new and exciting opportunities for you and your business.

Once you walk away from the course, you’ll go back to your company armed with new and innovate ideas and a renewed sense of purpose and energy.


Learning from us and then generating your own ideas is not the full picture though. We believe that the single most important part of the Entrepreneur’s Edge Intensive is the opportunity to share your thoughts with your peers and vocalise your own ideas.

Sharing your experience with others on how to implement the teaching and ideas from the course will give you multiple perspectives and help you to consider areas that were not even on your radar. Listening to how others interpret ideas and discussing how they would implement them into their businesses will open up even more possibilities. The more we share, the more ideas can compound, evolve and transform.

In conjunction with that, vocalising your own ideas will spark your subconscious into conjuring up even more opportunities and expanding your own thought processes.


Spending time with likeminded professionals will create new relationships and productive partnerships. The course will enable you to meet business owners who have the same ideal client as you but are not direct competitors. This means that you can build referral partnerships to help you to grow your client bank, reduce your marketing spend and expedite your business’ growth.

We believe that the money you could make through building referral partners at our event more than justifies you taking 3 days out of the office.

Who is the course for?

People who want to grow their business

People who are working far too many hours

People who are falling out of love with their work

People who want to generate leads whilst they sleep

People who’d like to ‘clone’ themselves in their business

People who’d like to improve their health and reverse the aging process

Who isn't the course for?

Anyone who is looking for a get rich quick scheme: Building successful processes and implementing ideas takes time and does not happen instantaneously.

Anyone not willing to put in any effort: To grow your business and give yourself more time and passion at work takes commitment and dedication.

Anyone not willing to take on feedback: Critique enables us to change. If you do the same thing today as you did tomorrow, you’ll never move forward.

Anyone with a closed or fixed mindset, or who cannot take honest feedback: To grow and develop you must have an open mind and heart and be willing to try new ideas and approaches.

Anyone who is not willing to play full out: The course needs you to be fully engaged and invested.

If you’re looking to take your growth to the next level, control your own work-life balance and simply enjoy life more, the Entrepreneur’s Edge Intensive is the launchpad for you.

The investment for the full 3 days is £1,997 plus VAT. This comes with a 100% money back guarantee, so if you don’t feel that you’re getting value by the end of day 1, you can walk away with no risk.

For everyone who completes the course, you’ll be treated to 3 incredible days. We’ll not only give you a plethora of tools, but we’ll create some amazing memories for you. Highlights include:

We run our Entrepreneurial Edge Intensive throughout the year at various locations in the East Midlands, making it accessible for everyone, whether you’re travelling by car, train or airplane.

We can’t wait to help you become the healthiest, happiest and most profitable business owner possible.

To sign up for a consultation to discuss your booking, please scan the code below or email


A free physical copy of one of our books. PLUS a free digital book for just signing up.

The Delegate Compound to help you eliminate the work you dislike and focus on the elements of your role that you love.

Insight into groundbreaking AI and how to futureproof your business.

The Limitless Lifeplanner to craft an exciting and fulfilling future.

The Age Reversal Revolution, to show you how to maximise your health and turn back the clock.

A gourmet meal, courtesy of us, on night 1.

A fireside evening of storytelling and collaboration, set under the stars in the beautiful East Midlands countryside.

The opportunity for continued development and accountability, where you’ll continually meet new partners and continue your learning journey.

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