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Season 5, Episode 7 – Unleash the ultra-runner within you in a fascinating conversation with James Poole, an iron man, and outdoor enthusiast. Embark on an enthralling journey as we delve into James’ transformation from Ironman competitions to the thrilling world of ultra marathons. Be prepared to be inspired by James’ riveting experiences racing in the Gobi Desert, engaging with the underground Speed Project, and tackling gruelling self-supported ultra marathons. His tales of hallucinations and battling sleep deprivation shed light on the extreme mental and physical demands of ultra running.

Let’s sprint forward as we explore James’s unique approach to ultra-running, which surprisingly emphasizes the significance of walking for long-distance runners. Get an inside track on his energy conservation strategies, safety measures, and coping methods for sleep deprivation. For those ready to take the leap into endurance sports, get ready to be inspired by James’ book recommendation, ‘Always the Runner.’

For our final sprint, we pace into the evolution of James’ global running community, Advent Running, birthed from a 25 Days of Exercise challenge. Feel the exhilaration of leading weekly running groups, partnering with brands, and navigating the pressures of being self-employed. We cap off our conversation with a stimulating debate on adventure running, breaking norms, and crafting new experiences. Lace up your running shoes for this electrifying exploration into the mind of an ultra-runner!


What I’ve Been Reading

Out of Thin Air by Michael Crawley explores the enigmatic running culture of Ethiopia, offering insight into why this high-altitude country produces some of the world’s best distance runners. Crawley, an anthropologist and competitive runner, immerses himself in the Ethiopian running community, training with local athletes and living their realities. Through his experiences and interactions, he unveils the profound blend of social, cultural, and practical factors that contribute to the Ethiopians’ exceptional running prowess. Among the elements explored are the runners’ demanding high-altitude training, the communal ethos fostering competition and cooperation, and a deeply ingrained endurance borne out of life’s daily hardships. Crawley also delves into the spiritual and aspirational aspects of running, which is more than a sport but a means to achieve personal and community advancement. Out of Thin Air transcends being merely an athletic discourse, offering a rich, empathetic understanding of a culture where running is a fiercely pursued way of life.


App I’ve Found Useful

TriDot: I used to pay a coach to build my triathlon training program. He was very good, and would spend his time planning exactly what swim, bike and run sessions I should do each day and it gave me a good level of progress. That said, when building my plan can one coach really take account of all the data from my different tracking devices, research what delivered the best results from hundreds of thousands of athletes or quickly adjust to my changing plans? not really. That is where AI can help. AI can do all that much better than a person, because it is data heavy, repetitive and routine, leaving the human coach to do what they are best at, namely the emotional intelligence part. If you’d like to try having AI build your training programme for free, click here for a free trail of the incredible system that is Tridot.


What I’ve Been Watching

The Deepest Breath chronicles the daring pursuit of Italian champion freediver, Alessia Zecchini, as she aims to set a new world record in one of the most perilous extreme sports—freediving. With a singular breath, she ventures into the serene yet ominous depths of the ocean, a realm she cherishes as the last quiet place on Earth. Without the aid of scuba gear, the challenge escalates as freedivers face the risk of blackouts during their ascent, a deadly hazard necessitating the aid of safety divers. Among them is the ebullient Irish adventurer, Stephen Keenan, whose passion for freediving bloomed in Dahab, Egypt.

The camaraderie between Alessia and Stephen strengthens as they rigorously train for her audacious attempt at conquering Dahab’s famed Blue Hole, diving 184 feet below the Red Sea to navigate an 85-foot-long tunnel. As they edge closer to the perilous endeavour, a heart-wrenching tragedy unfolds, entwining their destinies irreversibly. This poignant documentary encapsulates the essence of human endeavour, the bond forged in extreme pursuits, and the profound cost of chasing the extraordinary.


TED Talk I’ve Found Interesting

Have you answered a work email during an important family event? Or taken a call from your boss while on holiday? According to behavioural scientist and Harvard Business School professor Ashley Whillans in the TED Talk 3 rules for better work-life balance, “always-on” work culture is not only ruining our personal well-being but our work as well. She shares which bad habits are stopping us from getting what we need out of our free time and three practical steps for setting boundaries that stick.


Quote of the Week

“Become the best in the world at what you do. Keep redefining what you do until this is true.”

–            Naval Ravikant


The Trusted Team

In our current world inundated with pop-ups, relentless notifications, and ceaseless distractions, are we truly harnessing our full potential? By reclaiming control over our focus, we can accomplish more in less time, propelling our productivity to unprecedented heights. The Productivity Focuser equips you to spend more time ‘in the zone’ and in the ‘flow state’, enabling you to unlock your maximum capabilities.

This is just one small piece of what we’ll be covering at our 3 Day Entrepreneurs Edge Intensive in February. If you’d like to learn more, you can get in touch here.


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