TED Talk I’ve Found Valuable

This week I have been talking to clients about their bucket lists, initially inspired by a talk I saw at our industry’s global conference from Ben Nemtin. Ben talked about the secret to creating a better life through a bucket list, and it caused me to rethink my own bucket list, and how we help clients with theirs. Ben also did a TED talk, which you can watch here.

App I’ve Found Helpful

As some who is dyslexic (why do they make that word so hard to spell) I always struggled to read books, maybe getting through one a year. Around 2006 I discovered audiobooks, and life has never been the same since. The Audible App just makes that even better, giving me access to my entire audiobook library of over 240 books, and any new ones I buy, wherever I am. You can download it here.

What I’ve Been Listening To

On Wednesday night, Caryl and I went to see The Lumineers play at the O2. To my amazement, everyone I told about this, including people older, younger and also around my age had never heard of The Lumineers. They have been one of my favourite bands for several years, and were on my bucket list to see. I can liken them to a cross between Mumford and Sons and The Kings of Leon, so if you like either, check out their latest album ‘III’ or ‘Cleopatra’, both of which are brilliant.

Quote of the Week

“Where attention goes, energy flows.” Tony Robbins. The areas where you focus your attention are where the magic happens!

Finance theme I’ve been considering:

Sticking with the bucket list theme, I was talking to clients at our Client Review Workshop this week about their bucket lists. You may wonder how this links into their financial planning, but it absolutely does. If we know what is on our clients’ bucket lists we can try and align their financial plan to be able to deliver their goals. That is the difference between financial planning and financial advice. Sadly, most of our industry focuses entirely on the latter, which means they often miss the most important stuff!

I hope you are flourishing. Have an outstanding weekend.

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