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Season 5, Episode 8 – Have you ever wondered how the heart rate can affect an athlete’s performance? In our latest exchange, we team up with Dr. Phil Maffetone, a trailblazer in the field of endurance training and whole health, to shed light on this intriguing concept. Specifically, we dissect the foundational principles of the Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF) methodology, unpacking the complex relationship between heart rate, aerobic thresholds, and the delicate balance between aerobic and anaerobic training.

As we navigate our conversation, we don’t just limit ourselves to fitness. We unfold the significance of nutrition for athletes, debunk the long-standing myth of the calories in/calories out equation, and explore how overtraining can trigger an unhealthy accumulation of body fat. Dr. Phil Maffetone provides us with invaluable insights into the diet of our ancestors, the perils of junk food and refined sugars on performance, and the indispensable role of protein in strength training. We also delve into the surprising realm of music’s influence on mental health and exercise.

As we round off our enlightening discourse, we pivot from sports to business, drawing parallels between endurance sports and life and work lessons. We venture into app development, derive insights from Paul Larson’s book on HIT training, and emphasize the importance of personalizing diets and training routines. Our journey concludes with an invitation to join Tribe Talk, a valuable email newsletter teeming with resources designed to enhance your sport, life, and business. Don’t miss out on an episode brimming with insights from the mind of a maestro!


What I’ve Been Reading

In “The War of Art,” Steven Pressfield delves into the internal barriers artists and creators face, personifying this resistance as the primary enemy of creativity. Pressfield argues that fear, procrastination, and self-doubt are manifestations of this resistance, preventing individuals from realizing their full potential. The book is divided into three parts: defining the problem, understanding the enemy, and overcoming the resistance. Pressfield provides insights, anecdotes, and strategies to help creators push past their internal roadblocks and consistently produce their art. At its core, “The War of Art” is a call to arms, challenging readers to confront their inner battles, persist in their craft, and fulfill their true calling.


What I’ve Been Watching

Netflix’s documentary series “Tour de France: Unchained” offers an eight-episode delve into the 2022 Tour de France, shedding light on the intense drama, backstage strategies, and intimate moments of both triumph and despair. The series, which provides a unique blend of rapid editing, suspenseful music, and emotion-driven scenes, targets both seasoned cycling enthusiasts and newcomers to the sport. While certain reviews highlight its simplistic nature, there’s an appreciation for its appeal to a broader audience, much like Formula 1’s “Drive to Survive.” The episodes focus on key moments, from rain-soaked starts to mountainous battles, and from riders’ moments of personal anguish to exhilarating victories. Behind-the-scenes footage offers unparalleled insights into the strategies, risks, and raw emotions faced by teams and riders. The series does more than just document the race – it encapsulates the heart and soul of the Tour de France, making it a must-watch for any sport lover.


Podcast I’ve Found Interesting

In the episode of Diary of a CEO Stress Leaks Through Skin, Is Contagious & Gives You Belly Fat!- Dr. Tara Swart, the renowned neuroscientist dives deep into the profound impact of stress on our health, including its contagious nature and how it can lead to physical changes such as belly fat. Dr. Swart emphasizes the importance of brain health on our relationships, well-being, and overall success. She shares the significance of eye contact, particularly looking into someone’s left eye, for emotional connections. Touch, laughter, and shared experiences release oxytocin, the bonding chemical in our brains. Stress can trickle down in hierarchical organizations, underlining the need for leaders to manage their stress for the sake of their teams. Swart highlights the importance of quality sleep, which aids memory consolidation, emotion processing, and the cleansing of brain toxins. A key point is the understanding and harnessing of neuroplasticity, which allows the brain to adapt and change. Utilizing this knowledge, one can shape behaviours, habits, and overall mental well-being.


Quote of the Week

“Artificial Intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Follow that out further to, say, 2045, we will have multiplied the intelligence, the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization a billion-fold.”

— Ray Kurzweil, author, inventor, and futurist.


The Trusted Team

To stick with the cycling theme, when asked about his extraordinary success with the British cycling team at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Sir David Brailsford didn’t put it down to one or two big changes, but instead loads of small ones; and from this the term ‘Marginal Gains’ was born. Using The Game of Marginal Gains, we can help you apply the same approach to business as Sir David Brailsford applied to cycling, so you too can see extraordinary growth, efficiency improvements and increased profitability. It is about creating a business that breeds constant innovation from the ground up, and creating processes that ensure those ideas are both generated, and actioned.

In our free online event The 3 Steps to Entrepreneurial Happiness we help business owners and professionals in practice create a culture and environment that breeds these constant marginal gains, so why not join us. You can book onto the next event for free event here.

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