TED Talk I’ve Found Valuable

David Cameron: The Next Age of Government- a talk done prior to him becoming Prime Minister. Did he deliver on handing the power back to the people? Well maybe on one topic, and it was the end of him.
Interesting with the benefit of hindsight. Watch it here.

App I’ve Found Helpful

Text Expander: A desktop app that allows you to create shorthand for your PC. For example, I type, ‘I have CC’d in Victoria, my PA, and I will ask her to organise the logistics’ a lot, so now I just type ‘zvictoria’ and
the rest is done for me. Download it here.

Podcast I’ve Found Useful

Goop episode featuring Dr Steven Grundy called ‘Could Changing Your Diet Help Autoimmune Disease.’ According to Dr Grundy, plants are both vital to our diet and also a huge source of disease as a result of the
lectins- a self-defence mechanism against being eaten, like gluten. A fascinating subject on which I need to learn more. You can listen to it here.

Quote of the Week

“Not dead, can’t quit.” Richard Machowicz

Finance theme I’ve been considering:

Lifetime Cash-Flow Forecasting, the tool we use to give clients clarity on what their financial future looks like, thus whether they are on track to have enough money in the future, is the single most powerful tool
to give people peace of mind that they are going to be OK, from a financial perspective. So why don’t more of our industry embrace it?

I hope you are flourishing. Have an outstanding weekend.

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