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As we’ve arrived at the end of the 5th season of the TRIBEathlon podcast, there is time to pause and look back to an episode that, on reflection, had a lot more to offer than met the eye. Allan Hovda, a top-level triathlete, is known for his meticulous approach to training, nutrition, and equipment optimisation.

In the interview, he emphasises the importance of properly fuelling hard training sessions and listening to one’s body; great lessons for life as much as endurance sport. On the topic of aerodynamics, Allan is passionate about maximizing efficiency, suggesting that athletes continually look for small ‘marginal gains’ that, when added together, make for massive overall improvements; a great lesson for improving our business. Finally, over the years, Allan has faced various injuries but believes in a proactive approach, adjusting training at the first sign of discomfort; a great lesson for improving our wellbeing.

Definitely an episode worth relistening to.


What I’ve Been Reading

Driven: Understanding and Harnessing the Genetic Gifts Shared by Entrepreneurs, Navy SEALs, Pro Athletes, and Maybe You” by Douglas Brackmann PhD explores how specific genetic traits can fuel exceptional drive seen in individuals like entrepreneurs and athletes. Brackmann challenges conventional views that label these traits as disorders, instead presenting them as unique gifts.

For aspiring entrepreneurs and driven individuals, the book offers insights on overcoming self-sabotage, shedding shame and doubt, and finding supportive communities. It also introduces meditation as a tool to enhance focus and emotional regulation. “Driven” empowers readers to harness their genetic makeup, turning what may seem like a disadvantage into a powerful asset for success and fulfilment.

I certainly could relate to many aspects of this book, and I think other ‘Driven’ souls will too.


Technology I’m Intrigued By

Humane’s Ai Pin, a wearable AI assistant, has launched, initiating the consumer AI device race.

Developed by former Apple executives, the lapel pin projects text and images onto users’ palms via laser, features an object-identifying camera, and partners with Microsoft, OpenAI, Qualcomm, and T-Mobile for AI-driven computing. Priced at $699 with a $24 monthly wireless subscription, orders begin shipping in early 2024. It operates independently of smartphones, respects privacy, and offers functions like email summarization, AI messaging, and language interpretation, representing the growing market for consumer AI devices.

One possible interpretation how AI will take us away from our phone rather than towards it.


What I’ve Been Watching

BECKHAM,” a Netflix documentary series, unveils a different side of David Beckham, known for his soccer prowess and celebrity status. It explores his unwavering determination, meticulous attention to detail, and his ability to persevere through incredibly challenging times. The series provides unique insights into his personal life, including his family, friends, and even everyday habits. It delves into his rise from a working-class background to becoming a global icon, especially during his years with Manchester United. “BECKHAM” captures the toll his career took on his family and offers an intimate look into his life at home. It’s a revealing portrait of an athlete with exceptional drive and a down-to-earth approach to life. He might also learn a thing or two from reading Driven!


Ted Talk I’ve Found Interesting

“A record of our emotional life is written on our hearts,” says cardiologist and author Sandeep Jauhar. In a stunning talk How your emotions change the shape of your heart, he explores the mysterious ways our emotions impact the health of our hearts — causing them to change shape in response to grief or fear, to literally break in response to emotional heartbreak — and calls for a shift in how we care for our most vital organ.


Quote of the Week

“Once those of us with these Driven traits can reconceptualize our purpose so that it maps to our genetic blueprint and begins to harness our latent potential, we can be excellent at what we do in the world as it is now.”

–      Douglas Brackmann, PhD taken from Driven.


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