In the last 2 days I have seen live music (Jamie Cullum at the London Palladium), been to the theatre (Hairspray at The Curve) and with a trip to see Bond at the cinema planned for Saturday, it really does feel like normal life is almost back… let just keep everything crossed it lasts! Here is what I have found that has interested me in the last couple of weeks.

TRIBEathlon Podcast

Episode 55: Dan Bullock was an accomplished swimmer and triathlete – as 2008 National Masters Openwater Champion and Former British AG Record Holder for 800m, he now spends his time running Swim for Tri, the swim improvement specialists. Dan knows triathlon inside out, and particularly how to improve the swim leg.

I got the chance to chat to him about how we can improve our technique, how we can swim better in tricky open water conditions, swim training during lockdown, the difficulty of being a good runner and swimmer and how podcasting helped get him and his clients through lockdown.

During the episode, Dan mentions his innovative Swim for Tri drink bottles, which include training sets on them (warmups, sets and cool downs) and are tailored for general fitness, middle distance, longer distance and technique. Follow us on Instagram (tribeathlon_app) and share this post (and don’t forget to tag tribeathlon_app) to be in with a chance of winning a full set of 4 bottles worth £30!

Ecological Matters

Having read the David Attenborough and Bill Gates’ climate books over the last year, one thing I am conscious we can do to help the planet is to ‘refuse, reuse and recycle’. Two ways I’ve recently discovered that we are embracing are:

  1. Wild deodorant is a sustainable natural deodorant delivered straight to your door that is aluminium free with compostable, plastic free refills. Click the link for a discount on trying it for yourself.
  1. Who Gives a Crap toilet paper is made from 100% recycled paper and packaging, biodegradable, carbon neutral delivery and with 50% of profits are donated to a water, hygiene and sanitation charity. The subscription option saves you ever having to panic buy again!

What I’ve Been Reading

Alistair Brownlee knows a fair bit about being successful in sport, however his latest book, Relentless: Secrets of the Sporting Elite is more about others than himself. Ali has interviewed great sports people, including the likes of Ian Botham, Mark Cavendish, Denis Irwin, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Shane Williams and Ian Poulter to identify what leads to the success of the sporting elite. Loads of brilliant takeaways, but also very enjoyable for anyone that just likes sport in general.

What I’ve Been Watching

9/11: Inside the Presidents War Room tells the story of the Bush administration through 12 hours of that momentous day, with first-hand testimony from President Bush, Vice-President ,Dick Cheney, National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice and other senior staff who had their hands on the levers of power. The events of that day led to two decades of conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq, so it is fascinating and devastating to see how the day unfolded from the President’s point of view.

Quote of the Week

“Money comes and goes, but time only goes.”

  • Seanan McGuire

Finance Theme I’ve Been Considering

Whilst I never recommend anyone focuses on the financial markets every day (unless, of course, it is their job), it is useful to be able to duck in and out of regular updates to find out what is going on as and when the time is right. You might find this is more important after a market fall, or just because you are interested in what’s happening in the economy or with inflation. A brief daily video that can provide this when you do want it is Morning Markets, so it is worth checking out as often as you need/want.

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