Welcome to this edition of the Friday Footnotes. As we dive into this week’s selection, I invite you to ponder on this: How can the tools and insights shared today help streamline your path, not just in business but in personal development and well-being?


Business of Endurance Podcast

Claire Cashmore recently won a gold medal at the World Triathlon Para Series in Yokohama, Japan. While we put the finishing touches to season 7 of The Business of Endurance podcast, why not head back into our archives and listen to the incredible one with Claire.

At the time, Claire Cashmore MBE had competed at 4 Paralympic games as a swimmer, her first being at age 16, and after switching sports was ITU Triathlon World and British Champion 2019, with Tokyo ’21 to look forward to. Now the author of the book Splash, she has achieved a huge amount in her time in sport, so Sid and I wanted to explore with how perceptions towards The Paralympics have changed over time, how has overcome the physical and mental challenges of being born with a disability as well as inspiring others to do the same and also the reasons and strategies behind switching from swimming to triathlon.


What I’ve Been Reading

Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?” by Olympic gold medallist Ben Hunt-Davis and performance consultant Harriet Beveridge, unpacks the powerful lessons learned during Hunt-Davis’s quest for Olympic gold. This book dives deep into the strategies of focusing purely on actions that propel you towards your goals, a methodology that is as applicable to optimizing business operations as it is to enhancing personal fitness routines. For entrepreneurs, this translates into streamlined processes and for fitness enthusiasts, more targeted and efficient workouts. This book isn’t just a guide; it’s a philosophy on cutting through the noise to achieve success. Learn more about the book!


What I’ve Been Watching

Tricky Dick and The Man in Black” explores the fascinating interaction between Johnny Cash and President Richard Nixon, offering insights into moments when cultural icons collide with political power. This documentary highlights the complexities of maintaining personal integrity in the face of public and political pressures. Entrepreneurs can draw parallels in navigating business ethics and corporate responsibilities, while fitness professionals might appreciate the resilience needed to stay true to one’s values under scrutiny.


Tech I’ve Found Useful

Udio, an innovative AI music creation tool, transforms the landscape of music production by allowing users to harness artificial intelligence to craft unique sounds and compositions. For the business-minded, Udio represents the cutting-edge of creative automation that can enhance branding efforts with custom audio signatures. Fitness professionals can utilize Udio to create personalized workout tracks that motivate and energize, aligning perfectly with tailored fitness regimes.


TED Talk I’ve Found Interesting

Kevin Kelly’s TED Talk, “How AI Can Bring on a Second Industrial Revolution” delves into the transformative potential of artificial intelligence. Kelly discusses how AI will revolutionize industries by creating new ways of manufacturing and new modes of consumption. This talk is crucial for business leaders aiming to leverage AI for operational efficiency and product innovation. Fitness gurus might find inspiration in considering how AI can personalize health and training programs to revolutionary precision.


Quote of the Week

“Focus on what you can control and don’t waste energy on the things you cannot.”

–   Ben Hunt-Davis


The Trusted Team

Whether it is in sport, life or business, to augment our impact and achieve more, understanding the ‘why’ – both ours and our clients’ – is vital. We hear it some so many athletes on the podcast, particularly those that push their bodies to the greatest of extremes. In business, grasping our clients’ true motives enhances our marketing efforts and enables us to assist them more effectively. Simultaneously, discerning our own ‘why’ aligns us with our aspirations, fostering higher accomplishments and living out a happier life. That is where The Why Beneath can help you truly get to the heart of what’s important, and have you delivering more to more people, more often. If you want to know more, book a coaching call here.

This edition of Friday Footnotes is geared to inspire you to filter through the myriad of distractions and focus on what truly matters in your professional and personal pursuits. How will these resources help you steer your own boat faster towards your desired horizon?

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