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At this time of year, I can’t help but think about goals. It is he perfect time of the year to reflect on whether I’ve succeeded at hitting the goals I set at the start of the year, and to focus on what goals I need to hit to consider 2024 a success.

One of my favourite interviews within the TRIBEathlon podcast that specifically related to goal setting and achieving is Beth Potter: she is meticulous about her goal-setting process, breaking them down by discipline and checking in periodically to ensure she’s on track. She has gone onto incredible things since we did that interview, so there must be some sense in the process. If you want to catch up with that episode, you can here.


What I’ve Been Reading

“The Obstacle Is the Way” by Ryan Holiday is an insightful exploration of how obstacles, rather than being impediments, can be powerful catalysts for success. Drawing inspiration from Stoic philosophy, Holiday argues that the challenges we face in life and business are not just unavoidable, but are actually opportunities in disguise. He illustrates this concept through a multitude of historical and contemporary examples, demonstrating how various figures have turned adversity to their advantage. Central to the book is the idea that our reaction to obstacles is much more important than the obstacles themselves. Holiday stresses that by altering our perception, action, and will, we can transform obstacles into stepping stones towards success.

He emphasises the importance of persistent effort, creative thinking, and a positive mindset in overcoming difficulties. “The Obstacle Is the Way” is not just a book about overcoming difficulties; it’s a guide to turning them into triumphs. Holiday’s message is clear: it is through our struggles that we can forge our path to success. By embracing and leveraging our obstacles, we unlock our true potential and pave the way for achievement and fulfilment.


What I’ve Been Watching

If like me you’re watching a few films over the festive period, I’d definitely recommend Air; especially if you loved previous book recommendation Shoe Dog. The movie explores how Nike’s basketball shoe division was struggling in 1984 due to low sales, and how the company’s Marketing VP Rob Strasser and CEO Phil Knight tasked basketball talent scout Sonny Vaccaro to find a new spokesperson for their shoes. Although they considered third draft pick Michael Jordan off limits due to his preference for Adidas and Converse, Vaccaro convinced them that Jordan was a generational talent, and that Nike should pursue him and try to convince Jordan to sign with Nike.


Podcast I’ve Found Interesting

It’s the world’s most popular drink, with people drinking over 2 billion cups a day, but we still can’t agree on the most important facts about coffee. In an episode of The Diary of a CEO, Steven sits down with the world leading coffee expert, James Hoffmann. James won the World Barista Championship in 2007, is the co-founder of Square Mile Coffee Roasters and through his YouTube channel has become one of the leading figures in the world of coffee. He is also the author of ‘The World Atlas of Coffee’ and ‘How to Make the Best Coffee at Home’. In this conversation James and Steven discuss topics, such as: where coffee really comes from, how coffee is the world’s most popular drug, why you can’t tell how much caffeine is in your coffee, and so much more. If you love good coffee, really worth a listen.


Quote of the Week

“We can see opportunity in every disaster, and transform the negative situation into an education, a skill set, or a fortune.”

  • Ryan Holiday


The Trusted Team

At the inception of anything new, it’s crucial to anchor ourselves in the successes of the past. This sets a tone of positivity and potential.

At Trusted Team, we initiate business meetings by reflecting on the highlights of the week, month, or quarter. This practice of positive reinforcement is equally vital in annual goal setting. By acknowledging and celebrating the previous year’s achievements, we lay a robust foundation for future aspirations. This method, which we call ‘The Best Things,’ is more than just a routine; it’s a strategic exercise in gratitude and forward-thinking. It allows individuals and teams to not only recognize and value past accomplishments but also to use them as a catalyst for setting more meaningful, value-aligned objectives for the coming year. This process is not just about reminiscing the past but about leveraging it to sculpt a more ambitious and aligned future. The Best Things is just one part of a much bigger annual process I go through to set better, smarter and clearer goals for the year ahead.

If you’d like me to walk you through this process, you can join me at our free virtual workshop The Limitless Life Workshop, by clicking here. Make sure you have a good 3 hours put aside for this though, as if you’re going to do it right, it takes time!


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