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Season 5, Episode 8 – Journey with us as we take a fascinating excursion into the world of running, injuries, and recovery with our guest, the seasoned athletics consultant and physiotherapy chain co-owner, Blaise Dubois. His expertise shines through as we probe into the psychological intricacies of injury and the monumental role nutrition plays, as well as the ongoing debate around barefoot running. Hold onto your headphones as we unravel the concept of training with pain, and the intriguing possibility of optimizing performance beyond its limits.

As we delve deeper into our conversation with Blaise, we expose the shortcomings of the widely accepted 10% rule of increasing weekly mileage and discuss the pivotal role of sleep in injury recovery. Shifting gears to elite athletes, Blaise enlightens us on the importance of training quality over quantity, leading us to question and redefine widely held beliefs. The mental game isn’t forgotten, as we explore the empowering lens of positivity and the growth mindset, examining their impact on recovery and performance.

Moving away from the tracks, we delve into Blaise’s entrepreneurial journey, navigating the challenges of running a physiotherapy chain of clinics. We explore the concept of collective decision-making and the importance of work-life balance, with Blaise’s candid and insightful reflections leading us to question our own approaches. From the importance of vacations to managing distractions and over-indulgence, get ready to glean a wealth of knowledge from our enlightening exchange with Blaise Dubois. Buckle up and tune in for an episode packed with wisdom, insights, and quite a few surprises!


What I’ve Been Reading

The Storyteller’s Secret: How TED Speakers and Inspirational Leaders Turn Their Passion into Performance by Carmine Gallo unveils the potent power of storytelling as a tool to influence, inspire, and ignite change. Gallo delves into the narratives of renowned leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who have harnessed storytelling to propel their ideas and visions into tangible success. Through a compilation of compelling stories and insightful analysis, the book reveals how a well-crafted narrative can engage audiences, evoke emotions, and establish a deep, authentic connection.

Gallo elucidates the elements of impactful storytelling, offering practical guidelines to craft and deliver engaging narratives that resonate with listeners. He contends that in a digital age inundated with information, a compelling story is a distinguishing factor that captures attention and leaves a lasting impression. The Storyteller’s Secret is an enlightening exploration into storytelling as a pivotal tool for anyone looking to inspire and make a meaningful impact in their personal or professional endeavours.


App I’ve Found Useful

Do you want to run further, faster or with reduced risk of getting injured? If you do, why not try getting the amazing AI driven Rundot to build your running program. It delivers you a bespoke training plan that is driven by the result of hundreds of thousands of athletes, can be tailored to your lifestyle and can also process so much more of the data available from your fitness watch; giving you an even greater chance of making progress at a pace that is right for you.

If you’d like a free trial of Rundot, click here.


What I’ve Been Watching

In my recent trips to the US, occasionally the conversation of guns arises. I cannot understand the stance of so many otherwise very switched on Americans, and when discussing this with a friend, I was reminded of Jim Jefferies stand up sketch Gun Control. Whilst it is laugh out loud funny, it couldn’t summarise the situation better. Watch and enjoy!


TED Talk I’ve Found Interesting

Most of us know Bruce Lee as the famous martial artist and action film star — but he was also a philosopher who taught “self-actualization”: the practice of how to be yourself in the best way possible. In the inspiring talk What Bruce Lee can teach us about living fully, Bruce’s daughter Shannon Lee takes us inside the mind of her father, exploring how to use his philosophy in your daily life to achieve profound personal growth and make a lasting impact.


Quote of the Week

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.


The Trusted Team

If I asked you, would you like to create a little more Entrepreneurial Happiness in your life, what would you say? I suppose your first question might be, what is Entrepreneurial Happiness. To me it is that sweet spot where your business is incredibly successful, you only work the hours you want, and yet while you are at work you love doing what you do.

We have a new free online event coming up called 3 Steps to Entrepreneurial Happiness, and we’d love you to join us. It lasts half a day, and we’ll give you ideas to grow your business, improve your work life balance as well and bringing the fun back into work, plus we’ll give you specific tools to work through that ensure you leave the event with actions you can immediately implement in your business and life.

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