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Episode 70: Mimi Anderson is one of the world’s most inspirational female distance runners, having made an incredible journey from stay-at-home mother of three to multiple Guinness World Record Holder.

Mimi has taken part in extreme races around the world, running across deserts, mountains, enduring the freezing temperatures of the Arctic, the heat and humidity of the Peruvian jungle and the extreme heat of Death Valley in America – setting course records, World Records and, on occasion, beating the men!

Mimi has shown that it’s never too late to fulfil your dreams and achieve the impossible, so I wanted to chat to her about bringing the family into the endurance challenges, grieving the loss of ultra-running and fuelling her adventures in light of her previous eating disorder.

What I’ve Been Reading

I didn’t ever read Bulletproof Diet, by Dave Asprey, as at the time, I didn’t agree with some of the ideas it was based around; that said, over time those ideas have evolved, as has Asprey’s approach.

His most recent book Super Human: The Bulletproof Plan to Age Backward and Maybe Even Live Forever is a brilliant book themed around all the methods he is employing to try to live to 180. It is broken into 3 sections:

  • Part 1: Don’t die – He describes the four main killers: heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and cancer plus his 7 pillars of ageing. He also discusses food, sleep and light among other things.
  • Part 2: Age backwards – Here he goes into a multitude of ideas around how to actually improve your health.
  • Part 3: Heal like a deity – He finishes off by talking about the latest research such as stem cells, supplements for the skin and even performance enhancing drugs.

He describes himself as a human guinea pig, so it is unlikely you’ll follow his every move, but it is an amazing book for exploring the options out there.

TED Talk I’ve Found Interesting

In his talk Build a tower, build a team, Tom Wujec presents some surprisingly deep research into the “marshmallow problem” – a simple team-building exercise that involves dry spaghetti, one yard of tape and a marshmallow. Who can build the tallest tower with these ingredients? And why does a surprising group always beat the average?

What I’ve Been Watching

Free Solo tells the incredible story of Alex Honnold as he prepares to achieve his lifelong dream of scaling the 3,200-foot El Capitan in Yosemite National Park without a rope. What he achieves is absolutely incredible, and unimaginable for almost everyone on the planet. Really worth a watch!

Quote of the Week

“Don’t make yourself crazy about getting it perfect all the time—stress like that makes you old. Just aim to get it mostly right at home, and you’ll be so far ahead of the curve that you’ll feel it.”

  • Dave Asprey, Super Human

Finance Theme I’ve Been Considering

The rapid rise of house prices continues…for now. As March approached, mortgage provider, Nationwide, reported further growth in UK house prices – growth at its highest pace since 2004. The 18-year high of growth pace (now at 14.3% from 12.6% in February) is largely attributed to a strong labour market combined with low mortgage rates. The average UK house price now sits at £265,312, up £33,000 on last year and 21% higher than pre-pandemic value. Predicted to slow the rise is the current rate of inflation, sitting at a 30 year high of 6.2% and forecast by the Bank of England to hit 8%. That will mean rising interest rates, albeit probably gradually. Nationwide also pointed out in their data that earnings have not grown in line with the house price rises and the price-to-earnings ratio sits at an all-time high for Q1 of 2022, likely to be a particular concern for first-time buyers looking to get into the market.

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