TRIBEathlon Podcast

Episode 64: The Arc50 is a 50-mile Ultra Marathon around the brutal Cornish Coastline that happens in tandem with the even more brutal 100-mile Arc of Attrition.

My co-host Claire Fudge of 4th Discipline and I ran the Arc50 last month with 2 former guests of the podcast and very experienced ultra-runners, Kerry Sutton of Perpetual Motion Coaching and Warren Pole of 33Fuel, as our crew.

This episode was an opportunity to reflect on an amazing race and experience from all of our perspectives – there are also some brief interviews with Ferg, the organiser of the event who is also an accomplished ultra-runner, and the legendary fell runner Nicky Spinks, who was the first lady to complete the 100-mile Arc of Attrition.

If you like the idea of ultra-running, or are just intrigued, there is loads to learn from this episode.

What I’ve Been Laughing At

Whilst I was away for The Arc50 I was introduced to a video that made me laugh out loud. Having completed my first ultra, I could easily relate to a video entitled Ultra Runner vs Iron Man. Funny for anyone that has done either, but also anyone that likes to laugh at people that take on such stupid challenges. Watch out for some strong language, but I certainly found it laugh out loud funny.

What I’ve Been Writing

The Arc50 50-mile Ultra Marathon really did live up to my expectations. The build up was stressful, as at times was the race, especially as I went into it full of a cold – but ultimately it was an incredible experience that has lit a fire under me to do more. If you want to read my blog about the race, you can do so here.

What I’ve Been Reading

What if bad news wasn’t the only news? We live in a world that continues to get better and better each year in so many ways, but the media fires a constant stream of negative news stories at us because it attracts more eyes.

I try and avoid the onslaught of negative news wherever possible, so I loved reading 99 Good News Stories You Probably Didn’t Hear About in 2021. For the sake of your happiness and wellbeing, I suggest you read it too.

Quote of the Week

“The brains of humans contain a mechanism that is designed to give priority to bad news.”

  • Daniel Kahneman

Finance Theme of the Week

Are you financially resilient? Economists are keeping a keen eye on the ‘resilience barometer’ as we enter 2022. They’re looking at how our financial resilience could be hit as a result of increased consumer spending, a rise in inflation, and higher interest rates.

In a forecasting report published by Oxford Economics, predictions were made that many will start the first quarter of the year digging into savings accumulated throughout the pandemic. As of today, roughly 1/3 of the UK population does not have enough savings to cover three months of essential expenditure. The risk appears even higher for the self-employed who as a collective have smaller pension pots despite as an average having higher levels of homeownership and household wealth.

Whilst the world might be, once again, opening back up to us, it’s important to ensure we have the appropriate financial foundations to see us through whatever the future might present.

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