This week’s podcast announcement has been 18 months in the making, so I really hope you can give it a listen, that you enjoy it and you can send me some honest feedback about what you think. I can’t wait to release more of what we have produced.

Podcast Announcement

I am really excited to be able to introduce you to my new Podcast, TRIBEathlon. In line with an App that we will be soon launching (more on that later), the TRIBEathlon podcasts aim to get to the heart of how people achieve incredible things in the running, cycling, swimming and triathlon worlds.

During lockdown I have done some amazing interviews with professional athletes, world leading coaches and world record holders, and we are now in a position to start rolling them out. In the first edition, entitled ‘Marathon Improvements’, I interviewed world famous running coach and Olympian, Jeff Galloway, to understand how we can run faster, best utilise the run/walk/run technique (affectionately known as ‘Jeffing’, as this is the man that invented it) and the mental strategies behind getting through the dark moments. Still running a marathon every month in his 70’s, what Jeff doesn’t know about running isn’t worth knowing.

If you like it, please review and share it. There will be many more to come. It should be live in Apple podcasts and the other usual places soon, but for now, this is the best link. All feedback is appreciated.

What I’ve Been Reading

Not only do I find technology interesting, but I believe that it is vital to keep an eye on the future for our business. I am not one to subscribe to many email lists as a clear inbox leads to a clear mind, however one of the few I get and always read, if only at a glance is Futurism. Short punchy regular updates on how the world is evolving keeps my eye on the future, whether it is Gene-Hacking, hydrogen powered supercars or a $1 hearing aid. Stay ahead of the competition and feel great about the prospects of our planet by embracing a little Futurism.

TED Talk I’ve Found Interesting

Sticking with a technology theme, could our cities evolve to have the efficiency of the blood flowing through our veins? If they can, it will be through driverless cars creating a continuous flow of movement, rather than the horribly clogged arteries our cities currently have. Wanis Kabbaj certainly thinks so in his brilliant and short talk ‘What a driverless world could look like’.

Quote of the Week

“The label of “marathoner” has, from the beginning, been awarded to those who went the distance under their own power, whether they ran, walked, crawled or tiptoed. When you cross that finish line, you’ve entered an elite group. About one-tenth of one percent of the population has done it. Don’t let anyone take that great achievement away from you.”

  • Jeff Galloway

Finance Theme I’ve Been Considering

We are talking to more and more of our clients about Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing. Not only do we think that the long term returns can potentially be boosted having a portfolio with a bias towards eco-friendly companies, but even if the returns were the same, if we can all make the world a better place through our invested capital and that has got to be a good thing.

We are encouraging more and more clients to switch to this type of portfolio, so that between us, we can help make the world a better place, whilst hopefully improving our own futures too. If you want help working out how you can invest your capital in a more sustainable way, please do get in touch.

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