The Commonwealth Games have been amazing to watch! I haven’t been able to watch as much as I would have liked, but I have witnessed some brilliant sporting spectacles, as I am sure you have too.

Whilst we take a break between series 3 and 4 of the TRIBEathlon podcast, I was again reflecting on some of the amazing interviews we’ve done in the last series of the TRIBEathlon podcast. One such interview was with Eilish McColgan; to see her win gold at the Commonwealth Games in the 10,000 metres, like her Mum, was incredible, and then followed by another special moment of her taking silver in the 5000 metres.

Eilish started in the steeple chase and is destined for the marathon so, in her interview, we talked about how she continues to progress through different running disciplines, the pressures of growing up in an accomplished running family and how the Olympic games she’s completed in have differed. If you missed it first time around, it’s well worth giving it a listen here.

What I’ve Been Reading

Vaxxers: A Pioneering Moment in Scientific History by Sarah Gilbert & Catherine Green is the story of a race—not against other vaccines or other scientists, but against a deadly and devastating virus. The work, innovation and speed that went into producing the fastest ever global vaccine is incredible and shows what we can achieve when we are working together. This is a fascinating book that invites us into the lab to find out how science will save us from the pandemic, and how we can prepare for the inevitable next one. If you are interested or sceptical about the vaccine in any way, I suggest you give it a read.

What I’ve Been Watching

A third of the population regularly struggle with sleep, which rose to one in two during the pandemic – the highest it’s ever been. However, as more and more people seek help, an explosion in sleep science is enabling the study of sleep in ways not possible before. What’s more, recent breakthroughs are uncovering what’s happening in our brains and bodies while we’re asleep, getting us closer than ever to understanding the importance of sleep for our health.

Michael Mosley has struggled with his sleep for years and wants to know if the latest insights can help him and the millions like him. In How to Sleep Well he discovers why cutting our sleep short can be linked to a host of illnesses, including serious diseases like Alzheimer’s. Putting his own sleeping brain and body to the test, Michael signs up for two revealing experiments: wearing a new device that maps his sleep and allows scientists to see how it measures up to an ideal night, and taking part in a sleep deprivation experiment, where he is confronted by the fact that just one sleepless night impacts his cognitive performance.

Revealing the very latest science breakthroughs, this programme is a useful guide to anyone looking for tips and insights on how to get the benefits from learning how to sleep well.

Speeches I’ve Found Interesting

I loved the Steve Jobs Stanford University commencement address (a must watch if you’ve not seen it) and lately I’ve been watching a few of the commencement addresses done by other random celebrities or people of prominence. There are some that are amusing, other inspiring, and some a little bit of both. Whilst more of these might feature here in future, here are 3 that initially caught my attention and produced both inspiration and amusement: Jim Carrey, Admiral McRaven and Tim Minchin.

Quote of the Week

“Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world. Don’t let anything stand in the way of the light that shines through this form. Risk being seen in all of your glory.”

  • Jim Carrey (from his Maharishi International University commencement speech)

Finance Theme I’ve Been Considering

In the world of financial advice, there is only one rule about cryptocurrency, and that is…don’t talk about cryptocurrency! Whilst it could be the future of money, it is also highly volatile, unregulated, and much easier to be scammed out of your money.

The price of Bitcoin, arguably the most stable cryptocurrency, dropped from $68,990 earlier in the year to $17,501 recently, now sitting at $23,360. Whilst that makes it a good time to buy, if you believe in its future, it also means it could drop by another 2/3! We always say to clients, better to invest in what’s always worked, like a properly diversified portfolio, as opposed to what is currently working – and this is just another great example of that.

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