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About Ironman Business Tactics

Behind the scenes, there are many similarities in what delivers success in both sport and business. Setting SMART goals is only the first step, so having systems that ensure you actually hit your goals is far more important. Are you measuring and improving what really matters to you in life and business? Are you focusing on improving the areas that can deliver the greatest impact in the future? Answering these questions and building systems to deliver the best outcomes are how the pro's reach the top, and we can do the same if we follow their clues.

As a reminder, in the talk, I covered:

Goal Achieving
  • Starting with SMART goals: If you want to create goals to motivate you, they need to be structured in a certain way to set up you up for success. Most people set fluffy goals, which means that it is difficult to define success or failure. The purpose of a goal is to pull you towards greater success, so the goals need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. Learning how to set SMART goals sets you up for success from the start.
  • Aiming high enough: Most people set goals that are too small and too easy to hit. It is better to set a huge goal and achieve 80% of it, than to actually fully complete a much smaller goal. Learning how to set goals that will scare you, but not kill you, is key to achieving more success in life and business.
  • Using habits to achieve your goals: Hitting goals is not about the big things we do occasionally, it is about the small things we do regularly. The compound effect of consistent effort leads to much greater success, so learning how to create habits that will deliver your goals easily is vital.
  • Goals are for losers, winners have systems: Hitting a goal is like eating an elephant- you need to do it one bite at a time. Creating systems that allow you to eat the elephant bit by bit, that ensure you keep coming back to your goals, and keep taking another bite of that bigger goal- that is the way to hit the big goals you set.
Measure What Matters
  • Identifying what matters most: They say that what gets measured gets done, but first you need to identify what is important to measure. Some of this will be key business numbers, but other elements might be the factors that affect your personal life the most.
  • Tracking the metrics: If you have your finger on the purse of the most important numbers, you can identify what is working and what’s not, and immediately make changes to ensure you reach your goals. Building systems to track the most important numbers in your business and life, and spotting the trends that they tell you, will mean you too can perform like a pro.
Your Why
  • Knowing your why: Whether it’s finishing an Ironman, completing an ultramarathon or succeeding in business, if you know your ‘Why’, you have a much greater chance of getting through the difficult times, and there will be difficult times.
  • Communicating your ‘Why’: The power of stories can be used across your business, and so if your clients know your ‘Why’, you give them the opportunity to buy into your beliefs and join you on the journey, which makes your marketing 10x more powerful.
  • Getting rid of the noise: It is easy to get distracted by the new shiny things in life or become a busy fool by doing the wrong things. Focusing on the most important aspects of life and business can help you achieve so much more.
Marginal Gains
  • Creating constant innovation: In business, like in sport, it is vital you create an environment where there is constant and never-ending improvement. If you are not growing you are dying. Innovation is the way to ensure your business continues to get stronger and stronger. In this section, I will include details of the annual team meeting that delivered my company, Efficient Portfolio Wealth Management Limited, 50% year on year new business growth for 5 consecutive years.
  • The 4 R’s of continued growth: How to maintain the energy in business, and life, to continue to stride further and further ahead. These directly relate to the strategy that is likely to take 15 minutes off your marathon time, as well as reduce your risk of getting injured.
Even Endurance Is a Team Sport!
  • Even the best sports men and women have a coach: If you really want to succeed, it is important you find the right people to help you build the best version of you. Who can make you accountable for what’s important to you?
  • Delegate your way to the top: If you want to achieve more, you need to focus in on the one or two things that you are best at, and ensure you have a team of others around you focusing on what they do best to complement and support that. If you want to grow your business by 10x, it is essential you learn to delegate more and more each year.
  • Defining and building a culture: Finally, if you really want to succeed with a strong team, it is about defining and then building a culture that will lead to the greatest success. If everyone knows what it means to be a part of the team, not only will you recruit and retain the right people, but you can also align the goals of the business to ensure you are all pulling in the right direction.

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