“Tell me and I may forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I will learn.”

-     Benjamin Franklin

One of the greatest ways that you can succeed in business, and in life in general, is to commit to continual learning. By solely working ‘on’ a project you will miss out on the opportunity to improve, innovate and grow, so it’s crucial that you also take time to work ‘on’ the business, whether that’s your job or personal passion.

Members of The Trusted Team are ahead of their competitors when it comes to this concept. They are already setting aside time to develop their knowledge and challenge their thinking, but it’s important that this learning journey doesn’t stop outside of our workshops.

In one of our other businesses, Efficient Portfolio, a key feature that helped us to achieve continual growth and success was something we called ‘The Learning Lunch’. This monthly 1-hour meeting gave the team the opportunity to sit back and hear about a range of topics to help their personal and professional development.

We firmly believe that these informal yet informative get togethers not only gave our team a wider understanding of business, but it also helped to spark some game-changing ideas and transformed our company culture into one of continuous and never-ending improvement. The level of new ideas that were generated was astonishing, and collectively we were able to completely change the shape and direction of our company.

And now we want to share the power of those lunches with you.

Launched in April 2023, we invite all members to dial in to our very own Learning Lunches, to give them the opportunity to continually grow and develop. But rather than just us coaching you, we also give members the opportunity to share their knowledge and passion with others, and give them a platform to promote their expertise.

Each month we ask for volunteers to present a 30 minute piece to the other members, with the remaining time dedicated to asking questions and sharing ideas. We don’t want these meetings to intrude on your time, so we will be conducting them over a lunchtime and will be keeping them short and impactful.

You are welcome to talk about any topic you would like, whether that’s a piece about something that has transformed your business (for example a new technology, process or technique), a great book you have read, or an experience that has added huge value on a professional or personal level. We will also record the lunches, so that you can watch them back and continue to learn from them time and time again.

At the moment, we have the following dates available in 2023:

  • 10th Oct
  • 15th Nov
  • 14th Dec

If you would like to take part, or speak at these events, please email victoria@thetrusted.team . If you are keen to speak, please also send a brief overview of your topic and we will promote this to the other members on your behalf.

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