The Trusted Team believes in delivering exceptional coaching, strategic guidance and high-level relationship building, specifically for individuals within professional services and entrepreneurs. Through our professional community, we are able to nurture a reciprocal client referral culture, and ignite and implement innovative and original ideas so that professional businesses can grow and excel in their sector.

We achieve this through 3 core strategies:


For many business owners, the issues of money, profit and growth are the cause of many sleepless nights. Can you afford to market your business to attract new clients? Can you pay your talented team what they deserve and retain their expertise? Will you make sufficient profit to make your endeavours worthwhile and facilitate the lifestyle and company culture you crave?

One of the keys to building a better practice and achieving repeatable growth is by building a stronger network. The Trusted Team help our members by building genuine relationships with other professionals in practice, so that an organic client referral culture can be achieved. This not only frees up your marketing time and spend, but also means that the sales side of your business is taken care of, giving you the opportunity to focus on your strengths and deliver expert guidance and exceptional service.

We also help our members by showing them the best way to innovate their businesses. One of the best ways to do this is through both coaching and learning from other industry experts in areas like marketing, people management and technology. This of course can be an expensive and time-consuming task, so we do all the leg work for you and bring in a variety of expert speakers and share their knowledge with you through our workshops, coaching and digital resources, all of which help you to boost your profits and expedite your growth.


Time is our most precious commodity, but sadly it’s something that seems to elude most business owners. Spending every hour working in your business leaves you feeling drained, demotivated and demoralised. The Trusted Team will show you how to revolutionise your working practices through proven systems, empowering delegation tools and collaborative methods to help give you back free time, so you can focus on family, fun and fulfilment.

But time is not just about delegation- it’s also about making the most of your time spent working. Do you remember the feeling you had when you first started your business? That feeling of excitement and energy is often replaced with tedium and dread, so The Trusted Team will show you how to reignite that fire and learn how to love your business again. We will also show you how to engage your team, so that they are more motivated, positive and productive, which will create an outstanding company culture.

When you are working in the business, you can often become blinkered, and feel stagnant and stunted. Our speakers will share their secrets and techniques to help you break through that ceiling and encourage growth, innovation and a renewed sense of purpose and direction in your business. They will also demonstrate how to nurture a culture of constant and never-ending improvement, which will make the time you spend in your business profitable, creative and fun.


The Trusted Team have a passion for merging fun with business through our events and activities. Whether you enjoy a round of golf with some fellow professionals, or fancy a weekend away on the piste, we organise a wide range of activities for our members and guests, so that you can meet likeminded individuals, build stronger and more meaningful relationships, but most importantly infuse your working life with fun!

For us, ‘fun’ also comprises wellbeing and happiness. Wanting your business to succeed can often mean that you direct all of your energy and effort into working. Overtime, this can leave you feeling burnt out, but neglecting your health and wellbeing can have far more severe consequences. Health is something that we are fiercely passionate about, and we will show you how to incorporate some simple changes to keep you energised and fighting fit, both mentally and physically.

When it comes to happiness, it’s important to ask why you first set up your business. Whether it was to follow a passion or to create a better life for you and your loved ones, is your current situation making you happy? Utilising all of our experience and knowledge, we will show you ways to bring back the happiness to your lifestyle and business, so that you don’t just have a more productive and positive team, you also have a far better quality of life, both in and out of the office.

The Trusted Team

The Trusted Team is a coaching and networking programme that can help you develop constant and never-ending improvement in your business, and generate more quality leads by helping you build professional partnerships with Accountants, Solicitors, IFAs and entrepreneurs. We do all of this whilst also injecting even more tax-deductible fun into your business life through events like golf days and weekends away.

As a member, you benefit from the following features:

6 coaching workshops per year, delivered fact-to-face or virtually, if preferred.
Access to our network, including a private online platform where other members can contact each other, ask questions and make and receive client referrals.

VIP access to our events. Members receive first-refusal on all spaces for our events and are the first people contacted with our marketing. They also receive a members discount.

Digital and online resources, including white papers, articles, books, videos and printable resources to use within their practices, such as worksheets and templates.

Access to guest speakers and 1-2-1 coaching.

We also run a referral programme, whereby members will receive 10% off their membership per referral for a period of 12 months. This is not capped, so for every additional referral you make you will receive another 10% for 12 months.

As an example, if you refer 5 new members, you will receive 50% off your membership for a period of 12 months, and if you refer 12 people, your membership will be free for 12 months.

The cost of membership is usually £500 plus VAT per month or £6000.00 per year; however for 2023, we are offering an introductory price of £3,748.00 plus VAT for year one giving you a £5,622.00 discount. Anyone who joins in 2023 will receive a Lifetime Member’s Discount.

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