From time-to-time, we share with you live and recorded webinars to help further develop your knowledge. Like our workshops, our webinars cover a vast array of topics and are delivered by a range of world’s most respected and insightful individuals.

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The Better Practice Makes Progress Webinar

As a business owner or partner in practice, why did you choose to take control of your own career path?

Perhaps it was because you wanted to make more money as a result of the effort you put in so that you could create a better life for you and the people around you. Maybe it was because you wanted to create a better work / life balance so that you could spend more time doing the other things that are important to you. Possibly it was because you wanted to spend your time doing what you love, so that it never felt like you worked a day in your life.

So, how’s it working out for you?

As an owner of multiple businesses, Charlie Reading definitely had all of these feelings over the years. In running a successful Financial Planning business, he met a lot of other business owners, and time and again I saw these same concerns cropping up. Perhaps you are like them, in that you are working every hour, you aren’t earning as much as you think your effort deserves, and the fun of being the master of your own destiny has drained away. You just aren’t as motivated as you once were, because you spend less and less of your time doing the activity that you love.

n our free webinar, Charlie will share with you 4 principles that will overhaul your practice and reignite your passion and cover these topics in detail:

  • Partnerships: Generating Business through Others
  • Delegate: Achieve More in Less
  • Innovate: Energise the Business
  • Enjoy: Merging Business with Fun

If you want to reclaim the profit, free time and fun that you deserve in your business, it’s time to take action.

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